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Who is ultimately responsible for the care of ourselves, our family and our community?

We’ve heard many of our friends and acquaintances express an elevated state of concern over the challenges we’re facing now in the world, and in our community, including anti-Semitism; world health issues, such as Ebola; terrorism; and economic instability.

We don’t want to be perceived as alarmist, but it may be the right time to ask ourselves: “What would happen if we didn’t have access to some of the very basic services that we heavily rely on our government for?”, and the seminars we have developed, present basic emergency preparedness tips such as stocking a home kit, maintaining family communication, having better medically based First Responder skills and kit, and discovering how Homeopathy can be a great alternative to medical treatment WHEN YOUR DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL IS UNAVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU.

We provide Kosher MREs( Meals Ready to Eat), Medical Kits, Homeopathic solutions, Firearms Concierge Services, Emergency Radio Communications, and Home Kit/Go Bags.

Whatever your age or physical disposition, we believe that the information we provide, and products we offer, will increase your self sufficiency. Check us out

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  1. Thanks for your kind words. Sorry for my untimely reply.
    I hope to deliver a stronger message as soon as the words come to me. I’m grateful for the interest my site has raised. I appreciate your comments.
    All the best.

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