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“The United States of America is a country that allows the majority of its citizens to own firearms unless they are criminals.  Whether you are for or against this right, it is a current reality and as a law-abiding citizen you have the right to learn more before you make the ultimate decision about firearms ownership. No matter which side of the debate you are on, perhaps you should experience the skills and sensations related to operating firearms…at the very least, you will have more data with which to debate!”










2 thoughts on “Did You Know – Tidbits

  1. Be Prepared. Don’t bury you head in a hole in the ground like an ostrich.
    If your family and religion are important to you, learn how to handle a firearm safely, and then buy at least one firearm and plenty of ammunition. Join the NRA.
    Join JPFO.org. Jews for the protection of firearms rights.

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