Don’t Be a Victim: Parking Lot Etiquette

I went to a fabulous self defense class yesterday that a gal in our community organized.  The police officer that did the presentation gave us many scenarios, and many ways to overcome these scenarios.  There were some key things that weren’t mentioned that I’m going to toss in here along with the eye opening suggestions he gave to all of us participating in the class.  I hope it will get people to think more about safety, and to realize how easy it is to become a victim these days.  I would love to hear any suggestions or pertinent information you’ve learned from a self defense class, or perhaps that  you have created in order to stay safe.  Please share!  We can all stand to learn new and improved ways to protect ourselves and our families.  Thanks for reading this!

Awareness of Your Surroundings

The best thing you can do for yourself is to not be distracted.  Not easy if you’re a parent with many kids in tow. And a cell phone can be your worst enemy!   And that’s especially true if you’re in a heated conversation or just too involved in the call to focus on your surroundings.  The only thing I find the cell phone good for is when I’m pretending to be talking on the phone to avoid the numerous panhandlers walking amongst the Walmart and Costco parking lots.  Bless them, but I don’t know who really needs bus fare, or gas, or whatever, and who wants to grab my phone or wallet and take off.  I avoid them altogether and give as generously as I can to the food banks and shelters.

Tools Available in the Parking Lot

There are a few items at our disposal to ensure a safe route to the car.  The best one is that lovely little red button on your key fab.  Predators don’t like attention, so if you’re thinking there’s a problem, hit that button and watch them scatter.  Even if you’re not near your car.  It’s a whole lot of noise, and people will be looking from all directions.

Your diligence in not being distracted is number one.  Learning some basic self defense moves has endless advantages.  I am taking a krav maga class, and not only am I empowered to defend myself without drawing my gun, I also have a more confident walk, that acts as a banner stating, “I am not your victim.”  Confidence is key!

Pay attention that you’re not walking too close to cars to where someone could surprise you and pop out.  Pay attention!  Always be aware of the world around you, and assume that you are being recorded at all times.  Show good judgement in your actions.  Yes, my kids hear all these words, endlessly.  I’m grateful to see them executing those words when we are out.  Nudge your kids, daily, to pay attention.  Anyone you love, nudge!



Why Carry a Gun Discreetly?

Why should someone carry a concealed weapon as opposed to having it in a side holster?

Plain and simply, guns tend to concern people when in sight.  How do we know that the person with a conspicuous pistol is actually proficient with it?  How do we know if they are mentally capable of handling it?  We don’t know what their reaction may be if there is a situation that might entail the use of deadly force.

For me, the only choice is to carry discreetly.  I appear to be no threat to the guy that’s walking in to rob the convenience store as I’m waiting in line.  The person standing in front of me in line that has a pistol strapped to their side will be a threat, so chances are a would-be robber would take that into account and subdue him, to be assured that he is no longer a threat.  Would I be the one to play hero?  Absolutely not!  Better to be a good witness, noting any details you can, i,e., tattoos, scars, coloring of eyes, hair, skin.  And as he/she runs out the door, noting that size chart that runs along the door to determine height.

Now, if there is a potential threat to life, that’s a different story.  I would do all in my power to save myself and fellow human beings. But, if it’s a robbery where the perpetrator gets the cash and runs, I’m taking mental notes and calling 911.  This is how the police prefer a situation be handled by a civilian.  Be a good witness!  Follow your gut feeling and assess the situation.  Without thinking the situation through, you could be the one taking the life of an innocent bystander. Care for your fellow man, and do the right thing.  We all deserve a chance at a good life, and it starts with being good to each other.