The goal of JSA is to see every Jew have the confidence and know how to react defensively and properly was there to be any unexpected incidents that could result in loss of life, or lives. No conspiracy theories or war mongering thoughts.

JSA supports  the idea of all peaceful, G-d fearing people not falling victim, ever, to the daily revelations of terror and those who support suppressing anyone’s freedom. What a blessing to live in America.

May we all live and be well and know safe lives for all those we love and know.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love to see a GOOD Jewish blog on the internet. I’m not Jewish, but I have numerous Jewish friends, even though my dad was anti-Semitic (we never did get along too well).
    One of my better friends lives in Israel, in Ginosar on the Kinneseret. I shall pass your blog on to him. He and his wife have lived there since 1971. G-d bless you and your efforts.

    La Chaim !!!

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